Make capslock act as ctrl

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, in 23 August 2015

Being a vim user, Ctrl_L is the most used key. But ordinary keyboard’s Ctrl is a little hard to press. Sometimes you may want make Capslock act as Ctrl. Here I’ll introduce you how to do that in Windows, Linux desktop and Mac.

Windows7 and later

Download a software named KeyTweak.
read KeyTweak user’s guide In install file folder, you also can find it from Windows start menu by search keytweak manual.

Or, you can just download my config file and import it.

Mac OS X

Just go to Apple Menu -> System Preferences… -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Tab -> Modifier Keys and select Control for Caps Lock.

Linux Mint


Menu–>Perference–>Region & Language –>Keyboard layouts Tab–>downleft corner Options –> Ctrl key position


Option 1: Make the Caps Lock key another control key (with no Caps Lock key)
/usr/bin/setxkbmap -option 'ctrl:nocaps'

Option 2: Swap them
/usr/bin/setxkbmap -option 'ctrl:swapcaps'
Note: setxkbmap is additive. To clear previous set options, use an empty argument first:

/usr/bin/setxkbmap -option '' -option 'ctrl:swapcaps' To make sure this happens every time XFCE4 comes up, add an entry to Settings > Session and Startup > Application Autostart.

Since I haven’t used Linux desktop for almost 1 year, the method maybe ineffective.