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, in 23 November 2015
  1. Alcatraz: Plugins manager

  2. BBUDebggerTuckAway: auto-hide the debugger once you start typing in the source code editor.

  3. ClangFormat: format your code with Clang

  4. CocoaPods: CocoaPods integration right in Xcode

  5. ColorSenseRainbow: UIColor and NSColor

  6. DerivedData Exterminator: Button for quickly deleting derived data

  7. FuzzyAutocomplete: fuzzy matching as you want

  8. GitDiff: git diff beside line number

  9. SCXodeMinimap: sublime text like Minimap for Xcode

  10. VVDocument-Xcode: Javadoc style documents;\\\

  11. XAlign: align anything in any way you want

  12. XcodeBoost:

  13. XToDo: Collect TODO,FIXME

  14. KSImageNamed-Xcode: [UIImage imageNamed:; p.s. not support Alcatraz currently

  15. XVim: Vim in Xcode

  16. Solarized Dark: My favorite theme after a bunch of other tries.


有人说 Scott Forstall 离开之后的苹果的软件工程的质量下降的很厉害,最近几代的 iOS 和 OS X 系统那么多 Bug 可见一斑。 Xcode 也不例外。为了保证 Xcode 尽可能的少崩溃,对效率提升不很多的插件我都尽量少装了。

To be improved…